AVG 2013 Free Download

AVG 2013 Free Download

There are various places online where you can do an AVG 2013 free download. The easiest away however is to simply download the free trial of AVG Internet Security 2013. This version comes with a lot more features compared to the free version.

Here isthe difference between the free and premium version…

AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 Features

Detects and removes viruses, malware, and threats

-It is such a handy tool that every PC user can use to protect their PCs.

Maintains your PC by keeping it running smoothly

-it is a great way to quickly boost the performance of your computer.

AVG Internet Security 2013 Features

Detects and gets rid of viruses, malware, or any threat

-It scans and detects any malicious files that may harm your PC.

Safely download and share files

-Whenever you grab some files from the internet, the program checks it first if it is safe before it even comes to your computer. It also sees to it that you files are safe before you can share them to others. AVG 2013

Gets rid of instant messaging viruses AVG 2013 Free

-Viruses from instant messaging are common these days. Thus AVG checks on those links shared to you before you can click them.

Protects your email always

-Spammers and scammers are all over the internet today. This software protects your email from these people for your safety.

Protects your online transactions

Internet made our lives easier by letting us purchase products and services online download. However, it also opened the way for bad guys to steal online. By using AVG, your online banking and shopping are protected so that your personal information entered online are not taken by others. AVG 2013 Free Download

Protects your data from hackers

There are lots of hackers out there stealing data online. You should use AVG to block any attempts to access your data stored in your computer.

Scans and streams video quickly

For you to enjoy more watching videos online, AVG streams those videos quickly for your ultimate satisfaction.

Keeps your computer run smoothly

AVG boosts the performance of your computer by making it run faster.

Free phone support

Need any help? The phone support of AVG is available for you 24/7.

What do you think?

Seeing all those things that the Internet Security 2013 version can offer, you should start thinking again this time. If you are still reluctant to grab this version, there’s no problem. Just download the free trial version for now and start testing how it performs first.

AVG compared to other programs

AVG 2013 Free Download

What made this year’s version a lot better is the looks. They really worked hard on it, making it like the Windows 8 interface. It is now more organized, a lot easier to use, and more appealing to the eyes. However, we still have to say that the performance did not change that much. It still works great in detecting and removing threats from your computer though. AVG 2013 Free Download It also great that you no longer have to reboot your computer once you install it.

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